UPDATE: Ether Classic and the Ethereum “Hard Fork” – Gemini

UPDATE: Ether Classic and the Ethereum “Hard Fork” - Gemini

Wij would like to keep you informed of the implications of the Ethereum “Hard Fork.”

Due to the developing rente te ETC (Ether Classic or ETHC), wij at Gemini would like to keep you informed of our ongoing work to best address the implications of the Ethereum “Hard Fork” which occurred on July 20, 2016 at 13:20:40 UTC. At this time, withdrawals of ether from Gemini exist only on the “Hard Fork” ETH branch and not on the ETC branch. Wij have not yet determined whether to open matching engines for ETC trading.

Our engineers are actively investigating the implications to customers who had ether balances on Gemini at the time of the “Hard Fork,” and to customers who have intentionally or unintentionally deposited Ether Classic into their Gemini accounts after the “Hard Fork.”

Thank you for your patience and support. We’ll be sure to keep you informed with extra blog posts spil the situation evolves. If you have any questions, please voeling [email protected]

Onward and upward!

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I invested with Gemini because you guys are above houtvezelplaat and I’ve appreciated your leadership. I wasgoed willing to absorb somewhat higher buy prices and lower sell prices because I wished to go with a company that I could trust founded by people I admire.

I’ve evangelized you guys to a number of people, one of whom has made a sizeable investment te Ether on your verhoging. I also own a sizeable amount of Ether on your toneel. I’m very worried that you won’t permit access to the ETC associated with our pre-fork Eth. I know there may be technical difficulties, but considering the deeds of the other exchanges, I urge you to please do whatever is needed to make the ETC available to us.

I’ve bot ter touch with a number of other users through Reddit who are identically worried. I know thesis are totally crazy times and you are all attempting to make sense of it all. But there are real customers here that have real dollars on the line. Please make this right.

You didn’t create this problem – but I’ve entrusted you to shepard my investments securely and fairly – a decision to not permit mij and your other customers access to their ETC is a betrayal of that trust.

Perhaps this should be implemented and accounted for ter a manner similar to a security stock split.

Considering that ETC will very likely amount to a pump/dump coin (something irrational and untrustworthy), it may be best to credit users that deserve ETC (pre-hard fork users) with their ETC through a withdrawal process to an outer wallet.

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