Ripple XRP, Litecoin LTC, Monero XMR – From low to high? Sentiment Analysis – April Two

Ripple XRP, Litecoin LTC, Monero XMR - From low to high? Sentiment Analysis - April 2

The cryptocurrency market seems to be flourishing with almost all the tokens gaining traction. Albeit the prices have not recovered to its former glory yet, the statistics for the last 24 hours look te the favor of the cryptocurrencies. The crypto market capital, spil of press time, is $263 billion which is very low considering the fact that it almost neared to a trillion. The current Bitcoin dominance is 45.3%. The coin market presently has 1596 cryptocurrencies with 9922 markets up and running.

Our Sentiment Analysis segment is cautiously framed by interviewing a group of investors, miners, journalists, skeptics, and influencers and gives the worldwide sentiments and analysis on different coins. This segment includes the sentiments on three coins ter the top 15 list viz. Ripple [XRP], Litecoin [LTC] and Monero [XMR].

Presently ranked at the number Three spot, Ripple is priced at $0.500 with a market capital of $Nineteen.551 billion. Ripple wasgoed priced at $Three.81 on the Four th of January this year and since then, the prices have only declined. This stage where it peaked is described spil the stage of euphoria ter the emotional journey of XRP. According to this sentiment, XRP is presently under a depression stage. Ripple’s prices declined by Three.95% to $0.48 on Sunday, following Saturday’s 0.44% build up.

Glen Henry, a cryptocurrency analyst from Brisbane says:

“At the uur, the price range stands inbetween $0.48 – $0.50. The cryptocurrency has bot ter a drowntrend overheen the past 7 days and the price has decreased by 22%. If this trend resumes, then the target will be $0.42. The price should pauze through the trend line to grow stronger and kasstuk $0.78.”

Judy Foster, an investor from Nashville says:

“I’m not too sure where XRP is heading to but I’m looking at two options and will trade depending on how it behaves once it violates out of the triangle.”

To conclude 57% of Ripple respondents feel the bear pull on XRP and believe that it is going through a harsh time. Another 43% feel that the trend will turn bullish and that there will be enough market capital for it to sustain its dominance te the market.

It has bot a bearish market for Litecoin, but fortunately, it has not dropped below the $100 mark since December last year. Litecoin is at the number Five spot with a price of $118.71 and a market capital of $6.636 billion at the time of writing. Analysts say that the short-term LTC picture looks promising, but a pauze above $120 is needed. LTC is rising towards $120 but spil of now, it is not clear whether the momentum is enough for a sustained pauze.

Lara Craig, a miner from Chicago says:

“LTC is expected to fall below $100 on the 21 st of this month and may go even down to $89. At that point it may go up to $104 and build up some traction to reach $143 or succesnummer the rock bottom. It has bot consolidating around the $110 support level te the last few days.”

Amit Patel, a Financial Advisor from Ludhiana says:

“The support level is holding the price up spil of now and there should be a pauze of the descending trendline before turning bullish. There is a possibility that the trendline acts spil resistance and if price proceeds to fall down, the next support level is around $90.”

To conclude, 67% of Litecoin respondents feel that for the bullish trend to kick ter it has to be above $120 other LTC will proceed its downhill journey. However, 33% of LTC respondents are blessed with the short-term picture of token which shows a bullish trend.

Despite the fall from $200.99 on March 28th this year, Monero seems to be showcasing some stability spil of now. It is priced at $178.67 with a market capital of $Two.839 billion, at press time. It is dubbed spil the 11 th coin te the cryptocurrency market and has gained 6.43% overheen the last 24 hours. Monero is expected to have a system update on 6 th of April. It dipped to a $162 low on 30 th of March, but since then Monero has recovered proficiently.

John Denver, a market accomplished from Houston says:

“Monero is experiencing a selling pressure and it has bot like that for overheen a month now. The coin is on the downtrend now and I think the bottom would be $145. Wij have to wait for the buy signal which could be te two days time.”

Mark Oliver, an Economics student from Kansas says:

“All shops and countries now expect from Monero and other cryptocurrencies. The banks will no longer wish to manage the flow/control of money and the governments and the Rothschild are ok with that. LOL”

To conclude, a 55% of the Monero respondents feel that the bearish trend will proceed and the coin might druppel below $50 soon. Another 45% of the Monero respondents feel that it might go down till $144 but then there will be a stable rise to $440.

Blockchain is one of the traditional toilet tanks believes many Brits

Cardano [ADA] Founder – ‘Fixing the sins of the path with Cardano’

Joined recently at AMBCrypto spil an inwendig. Sultry, joy loving literature student who has an eye for the market ter the world of cryptocurrencies.

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Victor Yermark and George Burlakov from Smartlands joined the AMA session hosted by Stellar Reddit yesterday night. This AMA wasgoed a live discussion verhoging where they answered the questions posed by the audience from various parts of the world and also to some older questions posed by users from the date of announcement i.e. March 30 th .

Some light wasgoed thrown on roadmap laid out and a legal framework for ABTs. They said that the process of prep has began for ABT offerings with several companies. It is a preliminary process spil the legal framework is still under development.

ABT can be launched successfully only after the completion of the following:

  1. A legal framework te place
  2. Final confirmation from a real economy company and a signed agreement
  3. A reliable playmate – technical auditor to perform the audit is found
  4. Implementation of the legal framework for the specific company and performing the legal due diligence

“We consider 3-5 ABT offerings by the end of 2018 spil expected script. ABT Index token will be created spil soon spil sufficient number of ABTs are te circulation. Wij consider 5-10 ABTs to be sufficient. It will depend on market cap and daily trading volume.”

Jack Geller, a Redditor commented on the forum:

“3-5? That is titillating to know. Wij look forward for their announcement sometime soon. Very excited for this. Smartlands needs to capitalize before the world realizes ABT is the future!”

Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam and India, and Eastern Europe are the countries involved with Smartlands and are actively helping companies to create their ABTs for release this year.

Smartlands seeks to be a worldwide toneel soon, spil they stated:

“We are looking forward for fucking partners te other regions and countries to be present globally.”

The team is also expecting a listing of SLT within this month. With this statement, questions were raised about the volatility of cryptocurrencies and how Stellar will affect Smartlands. They said, ‘if the charts are observed, the history of big dips has slightly affected or hurt SLT.

Alan Somerset, a Twitter user says:

“Excellent! Nice send off before the Berlin Conference. Smartlands is one of my favourite and the toverfee is very low on the Stellar network and even significant increase te XLM price will not affect ABT investors and real economy companies unlike Ethereum, where fees may increase badly and prevent users from making operations.”

The time framework objective for very first ABTs to be officially launched:

  1. 2nd quarter 2018 – announcement and launch of preparatory procedures
  2. Third quarter – ABT suggesting

The competitors have all attempted to make token connected real assets or asset-backed tokens. ABTs are significantly revised and upgraded asset-backed securities [Six pack] that getraind well te all real economy assets which not only makes it a representation of an asset but a financial muziekinstrument to raise investment for strategic development, said Victor.

Victor added stating:

“Moreover, wij pay hefty attention to accountability and transparency to build trust, with the application of blockchain where possible.”

To conclude and Stellar being the main concentrate of the discussion, he stated:

“I think Stellar is a very perspective podium with a lotsbestemming of built-in capabilities. It is also cheaper on a transaction level, and Stellar overeenstemming protocol is more efficient than Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. Wij are also te onveranderlijk touch with Jed McCaleb, the founder.”


Tutellus, a blockchain based EdTech company formed ter the year 2013 is the very first online educational rock hard to introduce payment methods which are applicable to both students and lecturers for learning proofs and prizes for the training success. Need for a powerful and efficient blockchain provider has become imperative spil the number students enlargened which ter turn enlargened their number of transactions and complexity ter treating thesis transactions.

Ethereum has got proven influence on the development verhoging which grabs the attention of developers to launch their blockchain based apps, and Tutellus wasgoed one among them.

However, latest updates from Tutellus say that the organization has chosen NEM overheen Ethereum due to the limitations they observed overheen a period of time. Their treatment towards substituting it with NEM has brought a noticeable switch ter the way the finish system is being executed.

Some of the reasons why Tutellus made NEM spil their very first preference overheen other blockchain technologies are:

  • The efficiency of the number of transactions being generated is comparatively high ter terms of transaction vanaf 2nd on a permissioned blockchain.
  • NEM provides Tutellus the plasticity to build their own blockchain which is linked to NEM’s parent chain. This helps Tutellus to integrate its transactions within the freshly created blockchain with no cost involved.
  • Since both the platforms are API based, their compatibility is very high when it comes to integration.
  • Both NEM and Tutellus give higher priority to their users. NEM has got an algorithm called Proof of Importance [POI] that includes the reputation of its users. Whereas, Tutellus has got STUT tokens using which they understand the importance of the contribution of their students and teachers. Thesis mechanisms have added much value to their governance.

Based on thesis advantages and terms which brings both the platforms together, it is well known that Tutellus can be very adaptable and versatile based on their dynamic needs te future.

A crypto enthusiast on Twitter commented

“ They could not have made a better decision. GO TUTELLUS . GO NEM . ”

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