OST, Connect to The Utility Blockchain

OST, Connect to The Utility Blockchain

The OST software verhoging helps businesses build up competitive advantage with blockchain. OST Kolenkit Phase II, our finish blockchain management toolkit, is open for Developers: Begin creating real Proofs of Concept!

OST Plak gives you all the implements you need to run your blockchain-powered economy on open scalable sidechains. Launch your own Branded Token without the ICO stuk.

Introducing OST Plak Phase II: Developers Proof of Concept. Sign up now!

Blockchain technology designed to scale with the needs and requirements of businesses

Defining The Utility Blockchain

The OpenST Protocol establishes a bridge inbetween the Ethereum value blockchain and a (number of) utility blockchain(s). Value tokens on Ethereum (e.g. $OST) are transposed into utility Branded Tokens of omschrijving value (“BT”) on the utility chains and are at all times redeemable by the users for the staked value through the protocol.

Application developers can vormgeving the token behavior that applies for their specific utility token with transaction types. Users can stake $OST on Ethereum and receive an omschrijving amount of BT within the application. The utility chains are powerful enough to host a decentralised key management wise contract engine that provides a sleek user practice for users within applications while retaining key ownership with the end-users.

Decentralised key management additionally avoids liabilities for application developers hosting keys on behalf of their users. To ensure user confidence te the growing token economy brainy contract pricing engines provide a toolbox to application developers to layer extra behaviour on their BT, ranging from incentivisation mechanisms to price assure (moist) contracts.

Scaling Up Blockchains

OpenST Mosaic is an overlay-consensus engine that adds transaction throughput capacity to Ethereum by leveraging Proof-of-Work to secure a large number of utility blockchains. OpenST Mosaic introduces 2nd-layer overeenstemming rules for open validators that provide economic finality for the transactions executed on OpenST utility chains with representations of the value that remains securely staked on Ethereum.

Because Mosaic asynchronously couples the value chain with a utility chain, the number of utility chains that Ethereum can at the same time support is not tightly tied. Mosaic further amplifies the growing capacity of Ethereum itself spil an overlay network of blockchains. The OpenST utility chains also extend the established ETH gas market to pay for transaction fees, but the utility chains can run at lower cost because Mosaic validators can operate te a collaborative environment guarded by Ethereum’s adversarial Proof-of-Work.

Empowering Developers

OpenST and OST Lijm provide sturdy RESTful APIs to integrate advanced blockchain functionality with ease while observing the highest security standards. Or, use SDKs to get embarked even quicker. Identity solutions permit the application to know their customer and calculate the keurig taxes on services delivered.

Universal wallets will permit users to seamlessly manage their funds and keys and transact across token economies. Exchanges will permit users to stir te and out off fiat and crypto currencies effortlessly and intuitively. Wij invite developers to connect with us, and to go after our documentation, guides, and recipes that make building any blockchain practice plain and effortless.

OST is always improving our blockchain toolkit with fresh features and real-world solutions. Detect more ways OST can help convert your business!

View and analyze transactions across the OpenST side blockchains. Get a macro view of the entire OpenST ecosystem. Zoom te to view transactions within a particular OST powered digitial community.

OST KYC is the very first plug-and-play KYC/AML management solution for token sales. Process thousands of applicants slickly and securely. Developed for the Elementary Token “OST” ICO. Now available for any company to use.

$OST is a cryptocurrency that can be used for werkstaking against minting Branded Tokens within the OpenST protocol and also spil a payment method ter OST solutions.

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