Much Dogecoin

Much Dogecoin

This is a followon from a previous postbode on bitcoin, except this one covers dogecoin, the hilarious fresh cryptocurrency invented out of skinny air by Jackson Palmer te the good ol’ AU of S.

I wasgoed going to check out Max-Coin, which wasgoed created by a former part-time stock broker overheen te America somewhere, but there seemed to be a loterijlot more resources around on creating Dogecoins, so here’s yet another howto on getting that up and running.

It’s essentially the same steps spil for bitcoin, but it emerges that a lotsbestemming of the dogecoin mining pools are dead, so expect to have to attempt a few before finding one that works.

Software-wise, you’ll need a wallet and some mining software, spil wasgoed the case for bitcoin.

The Wallet

The default dogecoin wallet software ( dogecoin-qt ) can be installed on ubuntu using the following incantation:

Once you get it installed, you set up your wallet by running dogecoin-qt , and click the ‘Much receive’ button to view your incoming addresses:

The dogcoin-qt application

Then succesnummer ‘Fresh Address’ and give a fresh label to the address for your mining pool

The dialog opbergruimte after clicking ‘Fresh address’ on the ‘Receive’ ‘Much Receive’ screen of bitcoin-qt dogecoin-qt

And then copy your address somewhere, since you’ll be needing it zometeen.

Your shiny fresh dogecoin wallet address

The Mining Software

The mining software I’m using for dogecoin is called cgminer . Since I wasgoed intending to use my GPU to mine for coins, I couldn’t install it on the same Ubuntu Ten.04.Four LTS (Lucid) machine spil my bitcoin setup, spil some of the required packages aren’t available, so I’ve installed it on 12.04.Four LTS (Precise) instead.

The Pool

So cryptovalley seems to be the pool that everyone’s using (, but at the time of writing (17/Two/14), their signup process wasgoed violated (usernames could be registered, but couldn’t then be used to loom on to their webpagina). This facebook pagina seems to indicate that a loterijlot of other people are eyeing similar issues.

Next pool I attempted wasgoed, which is generating the error message ‘Account registration is presently disabled. Please attempt again straks.’

Next one I attempted wasgoed, from a list I found at

Unlike the Eligius bitcoin mining pool, this one requires a username/password, and a Speld.

The registration pagina of .

I’ve noticed that a loterijlot of thesis pools seem to be running the same server software.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to create a ‘worker’ with it’s own username and password, which is what cgminer uses to submit work into the pool.

Creating a worker ter the mining pool

Now you’re able to submit work into the pool. The cgminer miner is began using the server details on the pool webstek, together with the username of your worker (which for this pool is appended to my account username) and the password you created with it.

Which then looks like this:

I think the statistic that I’m supposed to be interested ter is the Work Utility (“ WU “) values highlighted above, define spil the “number of diff1 omschrijving shares / minute”. I imagine this somehow translates into the number of dogecoins collective by the pool when a fresh block is discovered.

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