Most instantly, Genesis Engineering is hosting events and workshops to raise awareness of the opportunities for mining.

Most immediately, Genesis Engineering is hosting events and workshops to raise awareness of the opportunities for mining.

Place/Date: Hong Kong – November 3rd, 2018

Genesis Engineering to Promote and Develop Cryptocurrency Mining Industry Worldwide.

BTC Inc., parent group of BTC Studios, BTC Labs and BTC Media — the largest media group ter the blockchain and cryptocurrency space — and Genesis Mining, the largest cloud mining service provider, partnered to introduce Genesis Engineering. Based ter Hong Kong, the snaak partnership sets out to become a leader te the global cryptocurrency mining industry through education, consulting and local partnerships. The venture will concentrate on development te regions around the world that have excess energy capacity, including the Americas, the CIS region and Asia.

Mining for cryptocurrency has grown from hobbyists using individual computers to an industry that earns more than $Two billion ter revenue annually. The key to a profitable large-scale mining operation is its access to a large source of electrical play at low costs. Presently, China and the U.S. have the most mining operations.

“We see opportunities for education and awareness around mining spil bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just beginning to klapper mainstream awareness,” said David Bailey, CEO of BTC Media. “We expect growth for the cryptocurrency mining industry globally: te the CIS region, Europe and Asia. Centers of mining are often places with excess power capacity and relatively cheap violet wand rates. Spil a result, mining operations bring benefits to those areas ter terms of both employment and resource allocation.”

“As the largest cloud mining company on the market, wij are on the lookout for excess energy supply ter certain regions,” said Marco Streng, co-founder and CEO of Genesis Mining. “Mining is a project taken on by both individuals and organizations. It enables blockchain technology to work, and it can also generate profit.”

Mining is key to the cryptocurrency ecosystem spil miners verify and process transactions on a blockchain network, such spil Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. With Genesis Engineering, BTC Inc. and Genesis Mining have partnered to combine a wealth of skill and analysis of cryptocurrency with leadership te the mining industry. Genesis Engineering plans to develop and promote the expansion of the cryptocurrency mining industry te underserved markets where mining would benefit local economies. Further, Genesis Engineering is available to raadpleging with businesses, utilities companies and governments to accelerate the construction of fresh mining facilities and best utilize the power request for local businesses and the economy. Most instantaneously, Genesis Engineering is hosting events and workshops to raise awareness of the opportunities for mining.

About Genesis Engineering

Founded through a partnership inbetween BTC Inc. and Genesis Mining, Genesis Engineering promotes cryptocurrency mining through education, consulting and local partnerships within regions around the world that have the excess energy capacity to support cryptocurrency mining.

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