Install an Ethereum knot on a laptop (Two

Install an Ethereum node on a computer (2

This tutorial is part of a series of articles introduced here.

Ter part 1, wij have installed Ethereum on the RPi.

Ter this tutorial, wij will describe the steps to install Ethereum on your pc.

Installing Geth on a laptop is fairly straightforward. The installation instructions are available for different target platforms, including Linux, Windows and Mac. You can find them right here.

Here below, wij describe all the steps to set up Geth on a Mac, spil it is the most common configuration amongst developers.

NB: It is significant that what wij mean by “private Ethereum blockchain” te this setting has absolutely nothing to do with the “private blockchain” championed by Hyperledger, Eris/Monax, or the recently announced Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Thesis are different codebases with different client applications, so they correspond to different implementations of a different set of concepts. They are private te the sense that they limit who has access to their chain. They are also called permissioned blockchains, and to be ideally semi-transparent, wij wish they were not even called blockchains at all. Ter this series of articles, what wij call “private blockchain” is a private example of the Ethereum implementation. Same code base, same client application, different network identifier and genesis block. Te other words, what wij will come to create te this series is a chain with the same rules spil the main chain, the same overeenstemming algorithm too, but a different root block. This will become clearer ter part Trio. For more information about the 3-layer prototype and differences inbetween concepts, implementations and instances, you can also witness our Devoxx talk and read this article.

Step 1 – Homebrew

Homebrew is a package manager that you should install on your rekentuig:

If Homebrew is not installed on your rekentuig, install it using the following guideline:

Step Two – Install Geth

Te this step, wij install the Go implementation of Ethereum protocol (Geth).

Geth can be installed with the following directives:

Check the version of Geth using:

Ensure that the version of Geth is the same spil the one installed on your RPi. If not, upgrade your knots.

Step Two.1 – Update Geth

If Geth wasgoed already installed on your pc, update it to the latest version:

If you have trouble to update Geth, use the following directives to force the update:

Check the version of Geth:

Step Three – Run Geth

Begin Geth using the following instruction:

When you begin Geth like that, without any instruction line argument, it instantaneously starts synchronizing with the main chain, which takes several days.

Press CTRL-C to zekering the Ethereum server.


At this stage, Ethereum is installed on your pc and able to synchronise with the live chain (mainnet).

The blockchain (chaindata) is located right here:

Your accounts will be stored ter a wallet located ter this folder:


  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Ethereum\keystore
  • Linux:
  • Congratulations! Your pc is an Ethereum knot.

    Part Three describes how to setup a private chain and a miner knot.

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