How to Run Private Ethereum Blockchain on Windows – btcblockchain

How to Run Private Ethereum Blockchain on Windows - btcblockchain

Here is what wij what to do. Run two instances of Geth spil two local knots on a single Windows machine. Run Waas wallet to connect to one of the Geth instances, and send a payment from one account to another account.

Add a environment path to Geth so that you can run it te any directive window.

Copy this genesis block instruction to genesis.json (snitched this from ethereum blog)

Determine on two gegevens directory (folder location) for Geth because wij want to run two example of Geth. Here wij use “/1” and “/2” directories.

Open a Windows directive window at a suitable folder. Copy genesis.json to this location. This folder should be the parent folder of the two gegevens directories mentioned above.

[NOTE: all the geth instruction flags uses dual dashes – ]

Very first create a genesis block. Open a guideline window:

geth –datadir=”./1″, -verbosity Trio init genesis.json

Then open a Geth console, type ter the same instruction window:

geth –datadir=”./1″, -verbosity Trio –port 30301 –rpcport 8101 –rpc –rpcapi eth,web3,individual,televisiekanaal –identity “MyNode” –networkid 2001 console

Note: private management API vereiste be open for communication with Waas wallet, spil specified ter the –rpcapi flag. Keep the directive window open.

Open another directive window, create a genesis block then open a console:

Note: You can numerous example of the Geth on different ports using –port flag and just run all Geth example with –ipcdisable flag

Keep the guideline window open.

Linking the two Geth knots

At knot 1, at the guideline window console type:

You should see the enode address. Copy that address.

At knot Two, run this directive:

admin.addPeer(<,enode of knot 1>,)

For example: admin.addPeer(“enode://4c63f59fb01374c40963685ff9df55c84cc7db63deee714bc4a7f7147bd315738[email protected]”)

Check that it works, at the console (any or both), type the following instruction separately (one after another):

On each knot console, type:

This will create a fresh account for each knot. You can use this account to send or receive Ethereum tokens. Mining operations will also add this account. You have to reminisce the <,Passphrase>, to send tokens.

To see accounts created, type:

To unlock accounts for non-interactive use:

To begin mining at Geth (Knot 1 or both) console type:

Open another Windows directive window, preferably where Waas is installed. Begin a Nevel wallet and connect with rpcport settings of the very first Geth knot:

Note the port number voorwaarde be the same spil specified te Knot 1. If you have bot mining a while you can see the MAIN ACCOUNT (ETHERBASE) will have some ether. You can use this ether to send to another account te Knot Two.

Confirmed Transaction (An earlier transaction)

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