How to Buy Bitcoin ter Kenya

How to Buy Bitcoin in Kenya

Since the beginning of 2018, the price of bitcoin has surged to fresh all-time highs after rallying by overheen 350 procent. This has boded well for bitcoin adoption te Kenya spil more people come to recognise it spil an alternative currency and spil a potentially lucrative investment. If you are based ter Kenya and want to purchase bitcoin but are not fairly sure how to go about it, then this guide is for you. Ter this article, you will find the five best exchanges you can use to buy bitcoin te Kenya using Kenyan Shillings.


Remitano is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange where you can buy and sell bitcoin securely through an escrow service. The company has recently entered the Kenyan market to provide a bitcoin exchange and a bitcoin-based remittance service.

To buy bitcoin on Remitano’s podium you vereiste very first sign up using your email address. The login credentials for your fresh Remitano account will then be sent to your email. Upon account verification, you can access a list of local buyers and sellers and place an order instantly. To ensure transactional security Remitano acts spil an escrow until both parties confirm the transaction. Once the transaction is accomplish, the bitcoins will show up on your wallet on the Remitano verhoging.

Belfrics Kenya

Belfrics is a fresh bitcoin exchange and payment gateway for merchants that recently entered the Kenyan market. Belfrics charges a Five procent toverfee on transactions and has no ondergrens thresholds on bitcoin purchases.

To buy bitcoin you voorwaarde very first set up an account by creating a username and password. Your account will dual up spil your bitcoin wallet. The next step would be to top up your account using a bankgebouw transfer, which is required te order to receive payments and for account verification. With thesis steps ended, you can commence trading by proceeding to the exchanges’ druppel down spijskaart clicking on the ‘Trade’ option. Once you have waterput ter the amount you want to buy and have executed the order, your purchased bitcoin will emerge te your wallet on Belfrics once the order has bot packed.


BitPesa provides a bitcoin cross-border payments podium that also provides a bitcoin marketplace for buyers and sellers. BitPesa is the most established and most funded bitcoin startup ter Africa.

To buy bitcoin using BitPesa you very first need to register for an account on the podium by inputting your details and verifying your account through a confirmation email. You will need to upload a picture of your ID which is necessary spil vanaf international laws and regulations.

To buy bitcoin loom ter and click on the ‘fresh transaction’ field and ensure you waterput the KES you have and the BTC you want. You can inject yourself, a different person or a voeling you’ve used before. Add the bitcoin address of the recipient and confirm the transaction then go after the payment instructions. The recipient will receive the bitcoin amount within an hour.

Unluckily, BitPesa announced on September 1, 2018, that it has introduced a ondergrens transaction limit of $25,000 for Kenyan customers and no longer verifies fresh Kenyan customers due to the difficult regulatory environment te Kenya, which has bot hindering the company ter making KES payments. Hence, only existing Kenyan high nipt worth indivduals and businesses can use BitPesa to exchange bitcoin.


LocalBitcoins is the world’s leading peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates overheen the toonbank bitcoin trades.

To buy bitcoin, you very first need to sign up for an account on the verhoging. Once that’s done, you need to input the bitcoin amount you want to buy ter KES before proceeding to choose your preferred payment pagina. The toneel ranks sellers based on transactional history and users are advised to go for sellers with high reputational scores. Upon clicking on the ‘buy’ field you will be provided with transaction details. You execute the trade by typing the amount of bitcoin you want te KES together with a private message and click on ‘send trade request’ field. Once the payment is made click the ‘I have paid’ tabulator. The bitcoin will be released from an escrow into your wallet once the seller confirms receipt of the payment.


Paxful is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange that connects buyers and sellers te one convenient location.

Buying bitcoin using KES on the toneel is elementary and straightforward. The initial step is to loom onto the webpagina and click on the ‘buy bitcoin’ on the menukaart drankbuffet. Once you have input the bitcoin amount you require ter the buy dialogue opbergruimte, select your desired mode of payment for the transaction. Then, select a seller willing to sell you the amount you requested and agree on the payment method from the list of sellers. Similar to LocalBitcoins, the reputations of sellers are rated and it is significant to choose buyers with high ratings. If you are pleased with the conditions the next step to execute the trade by clicking on the ‘buy now’ tabulator and you will then receive your bitcoin te your wallet once the transaction has bot finished.

If you want to buy bitcoin using KES, you can attempt any of the above-mentioned bitcoin exchanges. Also, recall to transfer your purchased bitcoin to your own individual bitcoin wallet and do not leave them lounging on an exchange spil there they can be subject to cyber theft should the exchange get hacked.

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MMM Kenya, a local affiliate of MMM Global, is te a limbo after the death of its founder Sergey Mavrodi. Mavrodi, who had bot operating the dubious money doubling scheme online, reportedly passed away after a heart attack last Sunday, leaving thousands of his victims with worthless “mavros” and hundreds of millions of shillings lost.

Albeit the MMM pyramid scheme had already crumbled ter countries such spil Nigeria and South Africa, MMM Kenya continued its operations enticing thousands of people to pay money to strangers they interacted with online.

The Man: Sergey Mavrodi

Mavrodi wasgoed a renowned Russian fraudster who wasgoed found guilty te 2007 of swindling money from Ten,000 Russian investors who lost more than $Four million and wasgoed sentenced to Four.Five years ter prison. After his release te 2011, the MMM Ponzi scheme resurfaced only that now Mavrodi’s target market became the African continent. Te 2015, MMM South Africa wasgoed established, promising participants a 30 procent terugwedstrijd on their investment and bitcoin became the payment option of choice for the scheme.

The Ponzi scheme would zometeen te 2016 spread to other African countries such spil Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Media reports say that the 62-year old died of a heart attack after a brief complaint of chest anguish and weakness. Moskovsky Komsomolets, a Moscow newspaper reported that “Mavrodi wasgoed hospitalised te the 67th City Hospital. He could not be saved – he died this morning.”

According to a statement on their webstek, MMM Kenya administrators said “they have waterput the Internet-based infrastructure on “pause” mode, leaving all those te possession of “mavros” – the pseudo-currency sold by Mavrodi – incapable to do anything with it. Spil such, those with money te the pyramid scheme will be incapable to withdraw anything. The statement went on to say: “In the near future, the administration will take a decision concerning MMM’s future and report on it officially.”

MMM Kenya Membership

The common question that wasgoed asked of any fresh recruit interested te the pyramid scheme wasgoed: “How much money do you need to be absolutely glad?” MMM Kenya has recruiting agents who would then entice the fresh members into meetings and ask them to sign up so spil to get financial assistance from other fresh members. The fresh recruits would then be asked to donate money to the “needy” – the older members – and, ter turn, they would earn points ter MMM’s (fictitious) digital currency. Ter the scheme, the more a person talent or the more an old member coaxed fresh members to join, the more points – known spil mavros – they earned which they could end up withdrawing spil money.

According to the Daily Nation, those investing te the Ponzi scheme were also promised a 30 procent terugwedstrijd on their investment and higher comes back if they helped members within the scheme that needed financial aid. And the only way that MMM Kenya would get through is if more members signed up. If there is an imbalance inbetween the number of fresh recruits and those seeking financial aid, the scheme would collapse. This wasgoed the case te Nigeria when the number of those seeking help surpassed that of those donating.

CBK Warning

The indefinite “pause” of the MMM Kenya operations comes two months after Patrick Njoroge, the Central Bankgebouw of Kenya Governor issued a warning to those investing ter digital currencies like bitcoin and Mavrodi’s Mavros that it wasgoed a bubble and they should be ready to lose all their money.

The CBK notwithstanding, the operations of MMM ter Kenya continued with thousands falling victim to the scheme with a promise of getting high comebacks on their investment. Spil Kenyans who have invested te the pyramid scheme await for a way forward from the company, it is only a matter of time before they can commence counting their losses.

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