Hashflare Bitcoin Mining, Best Hashflare Reinvest Strategy

Hashflare Bitcoin Mining, Best Hashflare Reinvest Strategy

Hashflare Bitcoin Mining | Best Hashflare Reinvest Strategy

Te this movie, I share a Hashflare bitcoin reinvestment strategy you can utilize te order to make most money possible ter the shortest time possible!

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0:01 Hashflare Bitcoin Mining

0:53 Bitcoin Mining

Two:05 Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Five:12 Hashflare Reinvest

9:14 Reinvest on Hashflare

12:16 Bitcoin Mining Strategy

15:Nineteen Hashflare Reinvest Strategy

17:25 Reinvest Hashflare Strategy

17:59 Hashflare Mining Reinvest

Legal:11 Bitcoin Mining Profitability

20:40 Bitcoin Profitability Zakjapanner

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When you do Trio days on and Three days off, do you pocket your Trio days off or invest your entire accumulated balance upon turning reinvest off?

With Bitcoin crash.. I`ve stopped reinvestment on hashflare. Lemme know if it`s the right thing to do.

You have lost your mind

hi Jay Crypto, excellent movies thank you! I have question spil I`m fresh with crypto, so every time you re-invest it creates a fresh contract for that amount? lets say my payback is $Five vanaf day menus the fees, do the investment for the next year will be $Five for each contract? I will have many contracts for $Five? I will appreciate your comments, thank you

so dont do anything the 1st 191 days? watten if u begin at the begining/day1 watten will hapen?

Do I click on the reinvest ter sha-256 or the do not reinvest button at the beginning – day one of 190 days? Jay said to keep it on ter his movie but what wasgoed shown on screen wasgoed the do not reinvest.. so I`m abit confused spil are wij meant to keep reinvesting it for 190 days and then begin an on off withdrawal strategy? please clear this up for mij. Thanks

Gravely flawed. Taking 0.0015 BTC/TH/s and just investing say $440 primarily, at the end of 1 year, you only get $1,379 (6.26TH). So if you reinvest that again, you get $Four,380 ter another 12months (Nineteen.9TH)., and then reinvest all of that, you will have $44,968 ter another 12 months te the 3rd year (63.5TH), and then reinvest all of that, you get $143,814 at the end of the 4th year. It is undoubtedly not even close to what is said 1.9million … The cost at this time is USD$220 vanaf TH, not accounting of any BTC value increase.

Surely you`ll have to pay tax on any profit at the end of each year? Youv`e potentially made 23,962 dollars profit ter the very first year. If you you re-invest everything and the currency tanks, you`ll be stuck with a phat tax bill and no money left te the account to voorkant it.

What is your current pool settings?

thank you, am going to attempt this!

I wasgoed wondering if you get your invested amount back at the end of the Two years contract, if you do no reinvesting.

So what you`re telling is not to reinvest te the very first 190 days?? That`s it?

And now the Bitcoin Price is Ten.000 $ – 12.000 $ and the price for one Tera Hash / sec is 220 $…..Not Legal.000 $ Bitcoin and 150 $ vanaf one Tera Hash / sec. like te your video….Bitcoin Difficulty also going through the roof….A Ten % increase ter Tera Hash / sec power ter the very first 6 days, spil ter your example above, is presently not the case….

Sir…..Bitcoin mining Difficulty goes up with the Bitcoin price too, because if the BC price goes up rapidly, more and more people will be mining (more Worldwide Hashpower), which will drive the BC Difficulty up too, which means you will be mining less Bitcoins….

Hello Fine movie. You cant do exactly this stratedgy spil the ondergrens withdraw amount is around $600 dollars or 0.05 bitcoin.

How would you advise please. I have just embarked Four.0 TH CONTRACT. THANKS

Compound rehashing. Nice informatie

Any way to switch the days that your just fully reinvesting on this chart lightly cause I would like to see the difference inbetween 100 and 190

hi Jay, does HashFlare permit user to purchase numerous contract? for example I want to purchase $300 then another contract is $500.

Does that mean the days you don`t reinvest, you withdraw?

1- Does Reinvest renew the contract period of a year? HHashflare doesn`t say anything about that, and I have mailed them to ask.

2- You`re telling here wij need to withdraw every 2nd day after the 190th day. What`s the cheapest way to do that? Is it not going to cost a fair amount rather than a lump sum?

An update ter last week said the ondergrens withdraw amount is 0.05 BTC. How can you withdraw embarking day 195 if it is still less than 0.05 BTC?

Bitcoin difficulty rate is enlargening at Ten.44% (cell N9 ter excel)

All the profit will be ter (-) negative ter future

Attempt to getraind that ter excel, you will see $330 investment comebacks $67 .

Thanks for the superb informatie, I have bot following and watching your movies, attempting to get a houvast on this. Does it make sense to have money ter all Four scripts on Hashflare? I have it set to automatically reinvest, why would the amount of BTC I have go down if I haven`t withdrawn? If you don`t recommend using all Four is there a way to consolidate? Thanks so much!!

you share this excel?

wasgoed the reinvest buying hashing power immovable yet? Also, which hash pays the best? SHa ? or Scrypt?

can you chamge the reinvest after you have got back your initial investment

can i use any btc wallet adrs or have to use that cryptopay thaat is suggested

use my hashflare code and get a superb discount D36FFB3F

Hello! Love your movies! If you would be kleintje, my referral code is below. Thanks!

i send 66USD and its day Three now and no money is displaying and no answers from there tech team… start to think its a scam

Are you reinvesting the ondergrens or you’re daily pay out. My automatic reinvest is set to the ondergrens of 10gh. Do you by hand buy your payout or just turn on and off the reinvest button??

Fine movies Jay thanks. I got a 2TH/s hashrate contract last night and programma to do your reinvestment strategy. got my very first btc payment today and a little confused. I used your spreadsheet and switched the cost vanaf TH/s from 150 to 220 (current price $Two.20) and switched the amount invested to $440, and set difficulty and bitcoin price both to raise by 2%. I think that`s everything you showcased us. So I got my very first payment today and Two things I`m unclear on: the daily payout today wasgoed not 0.00031612 like what`s te the spreadsheet. It wasgoed only 0.00028596 btc. And then, my available balance is only 0.0002364 btc so it looks like they paid less than projected, and then deducted something from their payout. Loving your spreadsheet rekenmachine, just wondering is there some other setting I need to tweak to make the actual numbers match what Hashflare is paying out? Thanks man

Hashflare 10% Cloud Mining off when you signup: https://hashflare.io/r/A5DFB834

Not sure if I am following your day 191+ with the reinvest project

hmm after the 195 days you will commence to pull out and then reinvest every other day, but doesn`t that make a fresh contacts and would go on forever? the big kwestie wij will see if hashflare run out of hash for fresh contracts.

Thank you very much for the Excel Spreadsheet. I always love your movies/tutorials. I am fresh to all of this and I have learnt much from you. keep up the good work.

its working for Two years if you keep reinvest each day for the very first year and metselspecie out all thesis contract day by day te the year Two heis spread sheett is not the reality but i make one my self week by week reinvest only after contant out my pauze even after 16 week so i made a paper sheet myself with Ten 000$ investment

so for the very first 16 weeks i keep the profit to voorkant my investment after that i reinvest all for the reste of the year so after the year my metselspecie out suposed to be 75135$ unspoiled profit ter reinvest cause i wasgoed specie out the very first 16 weeks

so my best strategy is to keep a soon spil possible my pauze even 10000$ and after taht is only a toeslag

so what a fcking good premie loll … resume i waterput 10000 and contant out after 16 week at the end of the very first year i have 75135$ ter 365 diferent one but all total is 75135$ so if you specie out thesis amount you can metselspecie out each day during the next year and you will make reserve toeslag beacause example you cah out the profit for the balance 75135 on the very first week you get 6.2% profit by week so = 4668$ for the very first week but reminisce the contract number Two is 620$ if you recall you metselspecie out those amount for the very first 16 weeks for your pauze evenv so you voorwaarde -620 to 75135$ balance for the nex week of 52 weeks will be 74515$ and the profit for the next contant out of the week Three will be 74515$ x 6.2% = 4619$ withdraw number Two and you can make this calculat for the reste of the year so if you calculate 52 week of specie out like 4xxx$ you supose to got at the and of the year Two ____160 202.oo$ dont leave behind you have no risk caus after the 16 week you get the initial

Ten 000$ ter your poket so if you want to calculate this tactiek it is ordinary for Two year not more you can get 160 000$ if you invest Ten 000 so the % of profit is 1600% of unspoiled profit plus the toeslag of 2% than im not calculate for the gains of BTC is Two years at the same bitcoin value this tactiek

so if you want to calculate for a sheeper investment like 300$ you can do that x by 1600% and you will get the real profit so it is suposed to be 300$ x 1600% = 4800$ but not 24 000$ like he said loll so is not bad at all realy is nice but you voorwaarde recalculate your spread sheet Pal loll

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