Genesis ICO: Ordinary and convenient investment ter real estate based on blockchain technology

Genesis ICO: Simple and convenient investment in real estate based on blockchain technology

Genesis ICO

Genesis is an international real estate foundation and multifunctional operating verhoging created on the poot of blockchain and digital technologies. All invested funds are channeled for purchasing real estate properties that become property of the foundation and form its assets, creating the poot for the future growth and increase of its market value.

Limit: EURO Three,000,000

1st of April 2018

15th of May 2018

still not tradable

Team behind Genesis

Vitaly Shashkov

Has overheen 20 years of successful practice te the fields of investment and management of real estate. He possesses the commercial and business areas ter Russia and Spain. Previously, he wasgoed a Member of the Houtvezelplaat of commercial handelsbank. For several years he wasgoed working spil the adviser of General Director on legal issues and head of legal and audit Department at “The Fuel and energy ingewikkeld of St. Petersburg”. Besides real estate Vitaly is possessing the numerous businesses and audit firms for the last 15 years, one of which has the title of “The best auditing organization of SPb ter housing sector.” For 20 years he is wielding a number of fishing and fish processing enterprises. Vitaly knows where to invest to make the maximum profit. That is why te GENESIS he is responsible for the strategy of investment and financial development.

Aleksander Bystrov

Is the youngest of project managers. Te the period from 2007 to 2016 he wasgoed the founder and head of construction ter company participated te the construction of stadium “St. Petersburg”, the unique elaborate of flood protection facilities te St. Petersburg (keerdam), the infrastructure for organization Olympic games, 2014, Sochi. He wields restaurants ter Spain, spil well spil commercial offices ter Germany and Russia. Te GENESIS Alexander is responsible for the international cooperation, the realization of special projects. He is the head of the Department of marketing and PR.

Dmitry Navoznikov

Executive Fucking partner &, CEO

Headed the Department of commercial and corporate law ter one of the largest consulting companies of Russia — The Institute of problems of entrepreneurship te Saint-Petersburg. For a long time, he wasgoed the consultant on legal issues ter RAO UES of Russia, coordinated the realization of snaak ventures with PWC, Deloitte and KPMG. Prior to this he headed the projects for companies of RAO “UES of Russia”, Gazprom, RAO “Russian Railways”, JSC “SIBUR” and other major Russian holdings. Dmitry well knows the legal issues and knows how to manage major projects. He is responsible for the company’s development strategy and current operating management, and he goes the legal Department of GENESIS.

Waldemar Reimer

The private investor and businessman. He has an extensive practice te crypto industry. He is responsible for the implementing of innovations and partnership, the development of snaak projects ter GENESIS.

Vladislav Avdonin

He is responsible for the for creating and developing of automated systems, system analysis, development of functional and system requirements, technical specifications, vormgeving solutions, for the processing and storing of banking documents used ter different computerized banking systems (spil an bouwmeester).

Pro ter the application of computer-generated signatures of different categories, including enhanced and qualified, pro te authentication and verification technologies using electronic keys, encrypting and decrypting of gegevens using GOST algorithms.

He has more than 8 years practice ter the developing of solutions using Java Podium industrial standards, Enterprise Edition on all levels of architecture (presentation level, business logical tier, gegevens level).

He has the following certificates: IBM Certified Specialist FileNet Content Manager V5.1, IBM OmniFind Technical Sales Professional v1, The George Washington University Managing: IT Projects, The George Washington University: Project Leadership, Management and Communications.

Ruslan Gilazov

He has 14 years of practice te the developing of UNIX, web interface (HTML, CSS, ECMAScript, JavaScript, JQuery). He has participated te the developing of federal projects for vervoer infrastructure. Experienced wise contract developer and blockchain accomplished. He is a professional photographer also.

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