Ethereum client Parity gets major fresh update

Ethereum client Parity gets major new update

Parity Technologies Ltd (formerly known spil Ethcore) the blockchain core technology company and creator of the Parity Ethereum software announced version 1.6.Two of the client has bot released.

Parity is a swift and light Ethereum client which is integrated directly into your web browser. Using it you can access all the features of the Ethereum network including powerful Decentralised applications and the multitude of cryptocurrencies issued on ethereum. Parity is presently available for Windows, Ubuntu/Debian, OSX and spil a Docker container.

The major release introduced a few fresh features including:

  • Revamped UI
  • Account Vaults – store all the metadata – address, name, and description amongst other information – encrypted. To avoid you having to reminisce a 2nd password for each wallet, wallets are placed into groups which share the same metadata password. Such a group is a vault.
  • Support for Ledger hardware wallet devices – support is integrated into both Parity Wallet and the Parity Client, meaning that support is provided for wallet usage ter headless server operations spil well spil the more usual Parity Wallet browser-side. Te doing this support, some significant infrastructure wasgoed introduced into Parity, so hopefully supporting other hardware wallets is not far away.
  • Stratum protocol for PoW mining – a protocol permitting the efficient reporting of fresh workloads for miners. Simply begin parity with –stratum and it’ll be pushing out events on port 8008 by default, ready for use with Genoil’s ethminer.
  • A fresh MacOS installer. Parity for MacOS now includes a Menukaart Tapkast icon that permits controlling Parity service – “experimental” Mac installer is no longer experimental! Rather than installing spil an invisible process, Parity now lives ter Mac’s menubar permitting it to be embarked and stopped lightly.
  • Disk-backed transaction store – pending transactions are now saved to disk and won’t get lost when Parity is restarted.
  • Improved memory management – now supports a memory footprint oriented state pruning prototype. This permits you to set the target amount of memory to consume te maintaining the pruning history, and means no more dreaded “out of memory” problems should the network again fall under unprecedented amounts of state bloat, while still retaining spil large a history spil possible te order to avert the kwestie of “fork-lock” seen on PoW testnets.

The Parity team stated:

“We’re hard at work preparing our Spring release, 1.7, for your pleasure, upcoming wij have 2-factor wallets, an enhanced transaction inspection and development environment, HD account chains, the Parity light-client protocol and the various improvements to the Ethereum protocol that will make up Metropolis.”

Parity is actively developed spil an open source project on GitHub.

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