Crypto ATM – An open source ATM for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin

Crypto ATM - An open source ATM for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin

Oh, and did wij mention wij made it open source?

Cool story bro, but what does it do?

Thanks for asking! Here are a few key features

Numerous Crypto Currencies

Our ATM presently supports not only Bitcoin, but also Litecoin and Dogecoin. It also permits for users who don’t have a coin wallet to print a Bitcoin wallet right from the ATM.

Open Source

Our entire codebase is open source and on GitHub. Wij didn’t hide any code or hold anything back. If wij used it ter our ATM you have accomplish access to it.

Effortless Coding

All the code for the ATM is written ter HTML, JavaScript, CSS &, Knot. So if you are familiar with thesis you can quickly modify the ATM to getraind your needs or just give it your own look and feel. There is a little Python used to generate the QR codes for the wallets.

Easy-To-Source Parts

All but Two of our parts for this ATM were bought on Amazon. Heck, some of them you very likely have laying around the house or shop. Wij pauze down the entire parts list below.

Wij built our ATM using easy-to-source parts

What’s that you say? You’re a busy person and don’t have time to search for all the parts?

No problem, here’s a shopping list!


Wij built the housing for our ATM out of plywood from our local hardware store. You can truly use any material you want!


This is the rekentuig wij used to build our ATM. Why this specific rekentuig you ask? Well, wij just had an toegevoegd one laying around from another project. You could defiantly use another pc.


For our screen wij desired something with a bit of size and it had to be touch screen, but at the same time, wij didn’t want to pauze the handelsbank.

Bill Acceptor

Wij found this awesome bill acceptor and it works superb! Takes $1, $Five &, $20 bills!

IEIK UNO R3 Houtvezelplaat

Wij needed this to connect the bill acceptor to the laptop.


The webcam is used to scan the QR code for the coin wallet. Again, the reason wij chose this webcam wasgoed wij had it laying around. You can defiantly find a cheap webcam.

Thermal Printer

Wij wished a thermal printer for printing coin wallets that wasgoed puny and inexpensive. Well wij found one!

HDMI Cable

Wij had to connect the screen some way! Just make sure it is TRIPLE SHIELDED and ONLY USE GOLD CONNECTORS (just kidding , use the cheapest cable you can find!)

HDMI Right Angle Adapters

Thesis will just make your life lighter. trust us!

Power Undress

Hey, you gotta ass-plug it all te some how right? You most likely have one of thesis somewhere ter your house.


Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers

What crypto coins does the ATM support?

Right now you can purchase Bitcoins, Litecoins and Dogecoins

What if a user doesn’t have a coin wallet?

No problem. Presently our ATM supports printing of Bitcoin wallets. It prints both the public and private key for the user.

Can I use your code to build my own ATM to make money?

Of course. Presently wij don’t have code ter place to charge any ATM fees, but thesis are ter the project for the future. You can always fork us on GitHub and add this functionailty yourself.

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