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Ter this Part III of token engineering, Trent McConaghy puts the implements wij familiarized ourselves with ter the last installment to help analyze existing tokenized ecosystems, and vormgeving fresh ones. This article will do just that with the analysis of Bitcoin , and the vormgeving of Ocean Protocol .

Hacks, tax, and forks the fattest drivers of crypto te Q1

The very first quarter of 2018 wasgoed marked with continued protocol layer innovations, with mighty declines ter prices across the houtvezelplaat. Emerging and recurrent themes included transaction fees, microtransactions, enhanced fiat on-ramps, and regulatory switches. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ter the U.S., spil well spil Japan’s Financial Services Agency(FSA), made sweeping announcements or switches to the cryptocurrency milieu.

Bankgebouw of Japan publishes a consumer crypto Q&,A section

The Canap of Japan evaluates the success of cryptocurrencies te terms o fulfilling their intended use te a recently published consumer Q&,A on crypto investing — and it’s not too flattering.

China’s waning influence on the global Bitcoin economy

Ter early 2018 China wasgoed the fattest and most influential market for bitcoin worldwide, spil the bulk of both mining and trading wasgoed conducted te the People’s Republic. Since then, much has switched spil global bitcoin adoption and switches ter regulations – both te China and ter neighboring jurisdictions – have led to a shift ter China’s influence on the bitcoin ecosystem.

Fresh York law hard launches crypto litigation tracker

The life-cycle of blockchain startups is fraught with legal uncertainty and their volatility makes them particularly prone to claims for compensation both te and outside of the courts. Spil this fresh frontier of investing keeps expanding, litigation monitoring could be a useful metric for investors when doing due diligence on crypto assets and used spil part of a screening process.

Token engineering Pt II: Methodology, patterns and instruments

Ter Part II of three on “How do wij vormgeving tokenized ecosystems?” Trent McConaghy takes us through an explanation of the practice of engineering the theory, practice and instruments to analyze, vormgeving, and verify tokenized ecosystems

Token engineering Pt I: Incentivizing humans with machines

This Part I of a three part series looks at the possibilities of blockchain spil a trust and incentive machines and the cross-section with artificial intelligence.

How blockchain can revolutionize the HR and recruitment industries

Blockchain provides an encrypted network of blocks where individuals and companies can share information securely, thereby enabling recruiters to verify employee gegevens, including educational spectacles and career achievements.

What the tech billionaires think of cryptocurrencies

Opinions vary among the world’s leading tech pioneers when it comes to cryptocurrencies and here wij will have a look at where some of the greatest minds te tech think wij are headed.

ICOs so hot right now and Morgan Creek hedge fund goes crypto

Despite advertisements being banned on the most popular media platforms, regulatory scrutiny and a loterijlot of bad press besides, money has bot pouring into the ICO market since the embark of the year.

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