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Citibank’s latest report bitcoin: bitcoin is an chance rather than a threat, is a supplement to the bankgebouw

Citibank’s latest report bitcoin: bitcoin is an chance rather than a threat, is a supplement to the canap

Citibank released a fresh research report (Report Download), report that bitcoin and other digital currency should not be deemed to be a threat to the subversion of the handelsbank, the credit card network or traditional remittance providers, but the supplement of existing services.

The 56 pagina report that bitcoin and other digital currency can better develop fresh markets and permit banks to obtain fresh consumers, the center of the current payment system is not enough to cope with today’s business scale.

At the same time, Citibank also spotted the use of public bring the potential of chain block.

The report pointed out that:

“Open networks such spil bitcoin, its behind has make it ter combination with other technology, can bring real innovation, supporting applications such spil Internet of things (machine to machine payment).”

It is worth noting that the report found that bitcoin and other digital currency can affect the emerging market, and the payment system ter thesis markets is not developed.

The report said:

“In the absence of good payment infrastructure te the country, wij believe that an open like bitcoin to the center of the network te thesis countries can find some opportunities for development.”

Te addition, the report ter judging the feature of bitcoin whether to pay benefits become a bit picky. For example, the authors of the report said they did not need to believe that bitcoin blockchain can not be switched or no corruption is very suitable for the transfer of funds.

The report also mentioned many concrete block chain and bitcoin startups, and summarizes their digital currency and block chain network, including Gerbaud, bitcoin and etheric fang.

TranserWise has more advantages.

Remittance field is considered to be the most vulnerable to the effects of the field of paramours. The report found that the British money transfer service TransferWise the current cross-border payment costs are lower than bitcoin.

It is worth noting that, according to the report of bitcoin and TransferWise and the account of the account (account-to-account) classification comparison te Ten kinds of options for remittance remittance channels, bitcoin found from the United States to the lowest cost of funds transfer te fresh zealand.

Remittance outward from the United States te the channel, bitcoin by the United States to China transfer cost to account account (account-to-account) than the remittance option cheaper.

According to the report estimates of account account (account-to-account) remittance option transaction toverfee of Three.86%, bitcoin is Trio.38%. Ter tegenstelling, TransferWise’s payment of the cost of only 1.48%, has evident advantages compared with bitcoin.

The researchers pointed out that bitcoin is converted into currency high cost and liquidity bitcoin existing market low are the challenges faced by bitcoin need to overcome.

More broadly, the report attempts to challenge the common sense of people about the bitcoin network, including the use of bitcoin ter the existing financial business specimen te the.

The report said:

“We believe that the open networks such spil bitcoin and if the mobile terminal, machine learning, big gegevens and networking to combine, so will create fresh business models.”

For example, Citibank said, now there is a “misunderstanding” bitcoin: bitcoin provides a friction free trading system, but also questioned the bitcoin payment can maintain long-term low cost.

“In view of the bitcoin network for proof of work will produce a large amount of energy costs, wij believe that thesis costs will be converted to high transaction costs, borne by the user, thus causing bitcoin costs more expensive than the center of the network.”

Ter other aspects, such spil speed, scalability and resilience, the report believes that bitcoin and other digital currency does not necessarily have the advantage.

The report said the bitcoin payment network is a “flexible”, but also questioned the bitcoin network can be extended to support more transactions.

The success of the UK “from Europe, bitcoin prices all of a sudden soared to $650

The success of the UK “from Europe, bitcoin prices abruptly soared to $650

Yesterday, bitcoin prices fell to $550. Today, with the success of “off Europe”, bitcoin prices skyrocketing, instant up to about $650 (at the time).

Many people said bitcoin prices and some latest related events together, spil of press time, people worry about the European economy is one of the most influential factors, spil long spil the British and European support rate rose, bitcoin prices also followed up.

The British back ter Europe recently had a referendum asking people to vote raise a Babel of criticism of the government, to stay te Europe (Bremain) or back ter Europe (Brexit). Coincidentally, the British are back ter Europe and the results of the referendum has bot bitcoin prices. Britain officially back te Europe news, bitcoin price instantly from around $550 to $650.

Spil of press time, a total of 54.5% valid votes. According to the British Daily Telegraph statistics, the proportion of voting back te Europe spil high spil 51.4%, while the proportion of votes to stay te Europe for 48.6%, the gap is very petite.

Bitcoin enthusiasts very first announced the news on twitter, and pointed out the news and bitcoin prices are closely related.

Te addition, market observers by this incident voiced bitcoin the price trend overheen reliance on a single market movements, therefore began to worry about the traditional market will be unstable.

This month the price of bitcoin is mid price reached the highest point of play quick and liberate, within Two years, began to fall a week ago, and today the price rose again.

Circle won $60 million financing with Baidu, China Everbright Investment

Circle won $60 million financing with Baidu, China Everbright Investment

The United States Internet financial company Circle6 announced 22 days month, won $60 million D round of investment provided by the China consortium, led Party voted for the IDG, BreyerCapital, GeneralCatalystPartners, Baidu, Nakajin Koko (CICCALPHA), China Everbright Investment Management Company, universal and the letterteken should also involved with the vote, ter addition to the former chairman and CEO of IBM Peng Mingsheng (SamPalmisano) and Silver Lake Capital (SilverLake) co-founder Glenn Huggins (GlennHutchins) two individual investors.

At the same time, Circle founded the world can Chinese (CircleChina), invested millions of dollars provided by the seed investors, promote the development of the payment system te Chinese block chain technology based on social expectations, will use the dollar, pound, euro and RMB consumers connected together, is an independent China company.

Circle by JeremyAllaire and SeanNeville te the United States ter 2013 co founded Boston, by the end of 2014 launched its very first app, has attracted millions of users te 150 countries.

Ter October 2013, Circle announced a total of $9 million A round of investment, investors include BreyerCapital, AccelPartners and GeneralCatalystPartners.

Ter March 2014, Circle announced B round of investment totaling $17 million. AccelPartners, investors including BreyerCapital, GeneralCatalystPartners and OakInvestmentPartners.

Te April 2015, Circle announced C round of investment totaling $50 million. Mainly from the GoldmanSachs and IDG capital funds.

The application uitzicht of Circle

IDG founding playmate Xiong Xiaoge told the fresh financial reporter vraaggesprek said, BreyerCapital has bot a long-term playmate of IDG capital ter the past ten years, the founder of JimBreyer previously successful investment Facebook. Breyer is a IDG investment fucking partner te the United States, this is the 2nd time Breyer investment Circle CEOJeremyAllaire venture project, before he invested a start-up company is a movie webpagina Brightcove, and zometeen the company listed on the nasdaq. The Jim itself is not engaged ter technology, but because the slok before Jeremy, he spotted Circle the company is introduced to mij. Wij also feel very good, so wij voted C round, Goldman also voted together with us.” Xiong Xiaoge said, D round of “we waterput a loterijlot of money”.

Block chain is a public ledger verhoging, record and test all bitcoin transactions, using the block chain technology means that money is no longer the traditional bankgebouw settlement system, has become a prompt and cheap way of cross-border transfers.

Circle purpose is to bitcoin spil a background to use network, users can with monetary form to take control of their own funds, ter order to avoid bitcoin price volatility may bring losses. When the user wants to transfer the money, can buy short-term bitcoin, the Fund (the dollar, pound, Euro) transferred to the relevant handelsbank account.

Ter 2015, Circle wasgoed awarded the Fresh York state financial service bitcoin operating license (Bitlicense), followed by the opening of the dollar and sterling exchange services te the United states. Ter April this year, Circle received a license issued by the issuer of the financial conduct authority currency of the European Economic Area (EEAE-MoneyIssuer), electronic payment license, thus, Circle reached a cooperation with Britain’s Barclays Canap, the user is roped on Circleapp debit card, can realize the bitcoin exchange and pound. Circle said, will soon open to Spain euro exchange function.

Xiong Xiaoge is very optimistic about the Circle block chain and pay social vision. According to China Alipay and WeChat to pay, he said with confidence to the Circle team, that can create every day there are hundreds of millions of people worldwide use products.

Xiong Xiaoge introduction, Circle has also bot Chinese with regulators, banks and other institutions to communicate and share information, the domestic research on the already very deeply, but now Chinese not lightly engage, even caused a phat influence on the existing banking and financial system. But if the canap does not strengthen the explore of block chain technology and participation, will face a giant influence brought about by the Internet banking.

Xiong Xiaoge is very optimistic about the Internet te the financial sector, that the financial sector te the Internet, are more likely to emerge beyond the BAT company. But the Internet financial future thicker is not the 2C business, but the 2B business, such spil banks and other institutions themselves need technical upgrading. IDG invested ter the Internet banking, pay more attention to the technology, rather than the company’s capability to acquire assets.

Xiong Xiaoge said, IDG investment ter TMT very earnestly, and now ter addition to proceed to concentrate on 2C, except for individual users, but also has waterput a loterijlot of B2B services, such spil stengel. Te addition, for medical equipment, alternative energy, consumption upgrade, entertainment and sports tourism and fasten superb importance to. Ter artificial intelligence, IDG has also invested ter Ecovacs cleaning robot.

Xiong Xiaoge believes that the investment has two: one is the best time to bubble before, but it requires vision, another is when the bubble burst and the recession, others may not vote, but it is one of the best investment chance. “So I always say, the market is our investment ter the spring ter winter.” When a market cold is the best time to invest, because the price is reasonable, the mentality of investors is relatively peaceful.

Now more funds ter the market, IDG will have time to grab the project, “IDG ten million accounted for 10%, people will instantly give you twenty million, then get up and do a survey of white, I often laugh a telling: Puinhoop boxing killed grandfather.”

Xiong Xiaoge believes that the teacher or killed only two strokes: very first, don’t mess with the punches, not involved te looting project. 2nd, have the teacher diligently, also learn fresh tricks again to do good. Wij voorwaarde pay attention to market research, cold and fever have their own tempo of investment.

Bitcoin ter Chinese wasgoed berserk is why?

Bitcoin te Chinese wasgoed berserk is why?

[Abstract] if there is no national political power and market credit insurance, this digital currency is not only facing the risk of collapse ter technology, but also face the risk of bankruptcy te concept.

Ter China, who can hype things, that may arise at any time last year berserk, grab the stock for half a year, this year many city robbed the house, and then grab the commodity futures, because te Chinese investors, spil long spil thesis things is to grab grab money, not so crazy. Not only is the characteristic of Chinese investors berserk, but also because the domestic market is te travel ems of trillions of funds.

Thesis funds ter the domestic market ter the pursuit of a aim can be berserk. This does not, the domestic commodity futures gamble has not totally ended, bitcoin has become a target of domestic funds berserk.

Recently, with the Fed rate hike is expected to fever up, the strong dollar became the concentrate of the international market. And the strength of the dollar is the thickest affected Asian currencies, and led to the Asian currency devaluation of the RMB is no exception. Fed chairman Yellen said that if the continued strong economic and employment market, the Fed is suitable te the coming months is likely to raise rente rates.

Albeit Yellen did not specify a specific meeting te which rente rate hike, but hier speech is pushing up the fed ter the policy act is expected to close again. Because of Yellen’s speech that the dollar index rose rapidly, which not only let the tranquil months of RMB devaluation, reached a Five year low te yesterday, the devaluation of the renminbi, but also stimulate the bitcoin (Bitcoin) instantly soared.

That is to say, spil long spil bitcoin sideways after Five months, ter latest days rose upward and kasstuk, almost two-year high.

Reported that the bitcoin crazy rally from last Friday (27 days) began, after Trio consecutive trading days up after last week, the cumulative increase reached 32%, after the November 2013 bitcoin bubble thickest weekly build up. Intraday price is more close to $600, a record high since July 2014.

Bitcoin news webstek CryptocoinNews ter May 27th according to the bitcoin trend of technical analysis, prediction of bitcoin prices will rise to $500. Did not expect that ter a few hours straks, bitcoin prices will soon pauze through the $500 mark. But te the evening of May 29th, from a peak of $600 bitcoin fell, fell to near $526.

For the bitcoin abruptly rising, many market participants believe that may be a strong dollar and RMB devaluation, because the devaluation trend, domestic investors to sell Renminbi denominated assets to pursue bitcoin.

According to the estimation of the market, the current global market bitcoin market value of about $8 billion. Ter the view of domestic investors, bitcoin market has such a large capacity, a way of asset selection is also, because of the present situation, hold bitcoin is the most convenient way to the dollar.

From the current trading verhoging gegevens, on Friday bitcoin prices rose to $530, up to 95% of the transaction amount is denominated ter RMB trading. That is to say, te the latest rise te this crazy Bobbi bitcoin, most transactions are people ter berserk.

This is also why bitcoin serious shove. It can be said that spil long spil the dollar remains strong, the RMB will decline little by little, domestic capital flight is an inescapable trend. Te this regard, the domestic capital flow control may be more severe, te this case, domestic investors may choose to bitcoin spil the transfer of assets to overseas, this may also lead to further bitcoin crazy. However, domestic investors voorwaarde be careful to.

Because, albeit bitcoin is te the domestic hot, domestic investors began berserk bitcoin, despite the research and development of bitcoin technology “blockchain is global hot, but the relevant professionals te the future of bitcoin basically pessimistic.

According to reports, a few months ago, bitcoin core development team te MikeHearn said boldly ter an article, bitcoin has entered a failure. What is worse, the bitcoin community has failed, the entire network technology has come to the brink of collapse.

TransferWise voorzitter of TaavetHinrikus international payment more telling “bitcoin is dead”, the real economy is no longer use bitcoin transactions. Te fact, te 2013 the Chinese disappeared bitcoin fanatic, bitcoin has retired, especially te 2014, bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox bankruptcy bitcoin were the worst succesnummer.

However, thesis are only from a technical point of view bitcoin future trend, if from the point of view of the nature of currency bitcoin’s future development, this zuigeling of digital currency to truly become an investment contraption possibility is not too large.

Because, if there is no national political power and market credit insurance, this digital currency is not only facing the risk of collapse te technology, but also face the risk of bankruptcy ter concept. Therefore, domestic investors ter 2013 lessons can no longer bitcoin too crazy.

Transfer: Kim assessment media

Claiming to be ‘Nakamoto’ Wright for hundreds of bitcoin blockchain and patent, patent war imminent

Claiming to be ‘Nakamoto’ Wright for hundreds of bitcoin blockchain and patent, patent war imminent

The self proclaimed “Nakamoto” (CraigWright Craig Wright) albeit not to prove he is Nakamoto So provide the final evidence, according to his colleagues and the Reuters audit documents display that he is presently working to build a large bitcoin blockchain and patent portfolio. He is now known spil “patent trolls”, is applying for billions of dollars worth of blockchain patent. Bitcoin community voiced strong opposition. With the block chain technology more and more attention, the potential value of this technology can bring about the rapid rise, it wasgoed natural at the multi billion dollar industry patent.

The Reuters reported:

Government records demonstrate that since February this year, Wright te the UK by registering on the island of Antigua EITC Holdings Limited has filed 50 patent applications from a multitude of sources, EITC confirmed this.

Ter the vraaggesprek, thesis sources confirmed that they still submit more patents. Last week, the UK Intellectual Property Office also announced the addition of 11 patent applications.

A relatively close to the company said that the patent application did not zekering. He refused to disclose the identity, because they are not authorized to publish the news to the media.

Wright also did not comment.

Informed sources exposed to the Reuters, the patent portfolio outlined plans for up to a total of 400 patents.

Ter May 2016, skeptical of bitcoin community talent Wright a specific task, to prove that he is Nakamoto, but Wright failed to provide further evidence to prove himself.

Last weekend, the novelist and verslaggever AndrewO Haga ter the London Review of books (LRB) wrote a long article about CraigWright, also said ter the article, Wright they are studying hundreds of patent applications:

Wright has bot ter his examine spil a block chain technology Nakamoto developed fresh applications. Ter other words, he is using the blockchain technology to create a fresh version of the formula, can instantly substitute accounting and registration system and the bankgebouw and the government on the management center. Wright and his fellows are preparing for a large number of patents, specifically, each kleintje of invention is to rework the financial, social and legal or medical services, ter order to expand to form the blockchain “distributed public books’ basic concept. Even according to the normal standard which is a geek, a utopian idea, but the blockchain te laptop science and the banking sector is presently a hot topic, and received hundreds of millions of dollars te investment.

… The nCrypt of this project is very clear. They brought Wright to London and established a research and Development Center for him, also arranged for him to help him down almost 30 personality research. They will finish the work of Wright invented and patented, Wright seems to have applied for hundreds of patents – many will be Nakamoto results for sale. After packaging, Matthews and MacGregor plans to sell intellectual property to earn billions of royalties. MacGregor told mij that he is working with Google and yuho, and some Swiss handelsbank approached. Matthews told mij: “our project is to package and sell thesis patents, instead of the patented technology for the implementation of the project.”

Big black cock also reported on the news:

… O ‘Hagan exposes something fairly different: one is under large pressure to our business vrouwen, its business vrouwen pay more attention to the interests rather than whether he is te the Cong.

Thesis people ter June last year and Wright has already signed an agreement, the people of Wright to pay off their debts, including legal fees with the Australian Taxation kantoor.

Then, they made a project for Wright.

O Hagan wrote: “they will bring Wright to London and set up a research and Development Centre for him, there are 30 guys for his work.”

“They will accomplish the work and Wright’s invention patent – Wright seems to have applied for hundreds of patents – many will be Nakamoto results for sale.”

Wright has created and resumes to increase the intellectual property by fastening the Cong’s name will be worth $1 billion, so they did eventually will be very rich.

Eventually, wij cannot be sure that Wright plays a role ter the process of creating bitcoin. It seems that he truly is likely involved te the creation of bitcoin, may also include receiving very first bitcoin transactions DaveKleiman and HalFinney.

Wright may overstate his contribution, he may have built a very mild fantasy, or when he realized that if he is Nakamoto, his life will never be used when his nerve may have.

If you look forward to the O ‘Hagan will expose the bitcoin creator mystery, you can only disappointed.

But if you love the wonderful adventures Cong event – has some acute insights into the geek culture – you’ll find absolutely can let you kill a duo of hours.

Bitcoin (BTC) has a market value beyond Twitter has reached $Ten billion

Bitcoin (BTC) has a market value beyond Twitter has reached $Ten billion

The thick request China bitcoin promoting bitcoin prices reached $643, the total market value of bitcoin wasgoed $Ten billion, which is higher than the market value of the company’s Twitter (Twitter has a market capitalization of $9 billion 500 million)

Chinese request for bitcoin bitcoin prices soaring again so

A large number of bitcoin exchange Chinese RMB has bot the main cause of bitcoin prices soaring.

Bitcoin exchange ter Chinese such spil “BtcTrade” and “poly currency net” te the price is 4385 yuan (about $668), the price te the global bitcoin exchanges such spil Bitfinex and Poloniex is a super high.

China government limited capital outflow policy leads to the Chinese and buy a loterijlot of gold coins, which raise the price of bitcoin.

The market value of the vs Money Supply

Bitcoin is presently the market value of Ten billion is not what worth complacency, it is significant to concentrate on the long term some. The world’s most valuable listed company is a Apple Corp, it has a market value of $540 billion.

Bitcoin market capitalization is now only a petite part of the Apple Corp (about 2%). If wij compare the value of bitcoin and other companies, the result is very visible.

The total money supply te the United States is about 3w8000 billion dollars. This is 380 times the value of bitcoin.

Bitcoin vs gold

According to the World Gold Council statement, has bot mined out and the total amount of gold above the ground is estimated to be about 187 thousand tons.

Ter order to calculate the current price, the total value of gold is about 7W billion dollars. Albeit bitcoin is often compared to digital gold, but its value is lower than the current total value of 0.2% gold storage.

Fine potential to rise

Since 2015 June, bitcoin prices from $230 up to now.

Then bitcoin current bull market still has the potential to proceed to rise? Look a bit difficult to say clear coins from the current price is entered a stable period of development will go down, but ter the long term bitcoin potential is hefty.

If bitcoin began to emerge ter the international trade, or which countries regard it spil foreign exchange reserves, so bitcoin prices will skyrocket.

Transfer: bit headlines

Microsoft drives the digital currency development boom, the domestic verhoging to open a fresh round of burn proefje

Microsoft drives the digital currency development boom, the domestic toneelpodium to open a fresh round of burn proefje

Since May, bitcoin prices rose substantially, rose from 2500RBM te April to the current 3000RMB, an increase of about 20%. The big price rise triggered once again concentrate on digital currency market funds, a fresh round of gold rush is coming.

The industrial chain, ter May 4th, the international business giant Microsoft announced to join the digital chamber of Commerce, the chamber of commerce is to promote the application of block chain and digital asset trade association. The chamber of Commerce members including LedgerX, USAA and early bitcoin volgers Overstock. Accomplished analysis, Microsoft would like to join the trade association, the block chain become the mainstream technology of its finance department and other departments, it is also one of the reasons causing the bitcoin skyrocketing.

Ter China, almost half of the time, because of the block chain technology and the rise of international digital currency business environment improved, the emergence of a large number of digital currency companies, of course, also benefited from the weakening of veteran mainstream trading verhoging marketing efforts, the fresh enterprise at the right time, blossom everywhere. Since 2016 March, the number of digital currency trading toneelpodium little by little enlargened. The majority of the toneelpodium is composed of digital currency development and operation of the establishment of the company to a digital currency trading toneel, mainly te the service developed by the company, on this ondergrond, the number of third party trading toneelpodium has little by little enhanced. Rookie trading podium is mainly engaged ter copycat multi currency trading currency network, with a ordinary security trading practice, at the beginning of the establishment, quickly takes overheen a million users, but there is enhancing te all aspects of marketing, human resources, technology spending. Because of the single podium profit proefje, multi currency network began to burn mode. The person ter charge of the toneel ter the hope of digital currency development momentum just under the environment, the user through the “buy money, leave the user experience” mode of talent shows itself te competition. Of course, multi currency network is just one example. At present, the exchange whether behind into large financial giant capital still can make nothing of it.

Te the domestic digital currency trading industry competition is becoming increasingly intense today, especially start-ups is difficult to come in, so throwing money to trade te the future business one of the most elementary and crude budge is ter the digital currency industry hobson. But this way for enterprises to occupy the market share of resources, stable business development status, major for investor confidence significance. The future multi currency network can after a rock hard foothold on the current digital currency trading industry influence, the market still need to test.

Bitcoin Market: Asia fell after the very first rise luyitong Trio billion purchase bitcoin company

Bitcoin Market: Asia fell after the very first rise luyitong Three billion purchase bitcoin company

FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) news bitcoin prices on Monday (June 20th) the disk trend shocks, showcasing prices fell after the very first rise.

BITSTAMP announced the price display, bitcoin / $(XBT/USD) yesterday shock all the way to rise to around 763 level, the very first trading days the Asian plate fell below the 750 shock line, since the point back to 757.

(bitcoin / $chart source: Peng Bo, FX168 financial network)

Kritiseren announced the price display, bitcoin / euro (XBT/EUR) yesterday shocks to the 683 level, the very first level fell to 667 trading days the Asian plate, then rebounded from the lows to around 673.

(bitcoin / Euro time chart source: Peng Bo, FX168 financial network)

Bitcoin trading network announced pricing displayed bitcoin / yuan yesterday shock upstream, the highest reach 5113 levels, the very first level fell to 5010 trading days the Asian plate, has rebounded from the lows to around 5066 level.

(bitcoin / yuan daily chart source: bitcoin trading network)

After a listed company luyitong announcement, intends to Trio billion 60 million yuan acquisition of a main business for bitcoin mining machine chip manufacturing company “. Reported that the acquisition project before the announcement, the target company Jia Nan Yun Chi ter the Four months to achieve the spectacle surge.

Ter June 17th, luyitong responded that the company concentrate on industry, not the concept of speculation, and the reorganization of “full of confidence”.

Beijing time 14:20 on June 20th, bitcoin / USD / Euro 756.22, bitcoin bitcoin / report 673.Nineteen, reported 5066.81 yuan.

90 of China’s central canap te Washington on the blockchain: Why are optimistic about?

90 of China’s central canap te Washington on the blockchain: Why are optimistic about?

The importance of the blockchain is step by step visible, because central banks are interested ter it, including whether it should be the introduction of digital currency.

On June 1st -3, the central bankgebouw regulatory agencies and representatives from 90 countries including China representatives gathered ter Washington to attend the sixteenth session of the Fed’s headquarters, financial sector policy challenges the international conference, during the meeting of three days, the delegates heard about the block chain technology report, the meeting held once a year, the conference jointly organized by the world canap, the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve etc..

This year, the theme of the conference is “change te Finance: technological transformation of financial industry” (FinanceinFlux:TheTechnologicalTransformationoftheFinancialSector). Attend the meeting including Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen, spil well spil the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world canap and the international clearing handelsbank officials.

The world handelsbank webstek, two China CBRC representative and a representative of the Handelsbank of China wasgoed invited to attend the meeting, including Chinese CBRC Shanghai regulation Secretary Liao Minus. China Hongkong has two representatives of the participants.

According to the world handelsbank published on the webstek of the notulen, this activity topic to block chain and financial technology. At the meeting, the delegates introduced their progress te the exploration of the blockchain last year and digital currency technology, and waterput forward their own exploration problems for discussion.

Analysis pointed out that ter the high level meeting on 90 central banks on behalf of the common block chain is discussed, for the very first time ter history, the importance of such vooraanstaand blockchain has bot recognized by financial regulators.

According to Peng Bo reported that the Washington digital chamber of Commerce (ChamberofDigitalCommerce) founder and chairman of the meeting of the PerianneBoring block chain notulen support. After Boring, the founder of Bloq JeffGarzik, vice voorzitter of NASDAQ FredrikVoss and Goldman executive director of TomJessop.’s group meeting at the headquarters ter San Francisco block chain start-up company Chain CEO AdamLudwin made a keynote speech at the meeting, introduced to the more than 90 central handelsbank representative block chain technology, and its potential application ter the field of finance.

“The real golden chance, the direction of the central handelsbank is a digital currency.” Ludwin at the meeting said: “in the infrastructure stage, almost always spil technology creators and volgers of the government to play a leading role.”

Ludwin ter an vraaggesprek with Bloomberg said the central canap representatives for the blockchain topic asked a loterijlot of “sharp”, he said: “they don’t want to challenge this technology, but want to know” what does it all mean? “”

Bloq co-founder MatthewRoszak said, many participants seemed to improve agency operations on the block chain are very interested te the way. “They understand the blockchain what to do, what not to do. They waterput the block chain spil improve work contraptions, they are responsible for the central canap’s policy decisions, and block chain technology to provide transparency and openness of the hitherto unknown”.

Boring said that the central leadership made a lotsbestemming of high level, especially ter emerging markets around the problem. They are from Africa and South America, said the effect of close attention to the block chain and digital currency ter global competition.

The concern is that Asian central banks voiced bitcoin anonymous creator Nakamoto Somami identity concern.

Boring said: “let them trust the creator of unknown truly difficult”.

Spil one of the most significant characteristics of bitcoin blockchain underlying technology is the so-called security. And after this year the number of central banks suffered large theft, the central canap has a chain of rente to block technical reasons.

Ter February this year, the central handelsbank foreign exchange reserve bankgebouw account wasgoed hacked, stolen almost $one hundred million. According to Big black cock reports, the Central Bankgebouw of Bangladesh network hackers, issued dozens of transfer requests. The spelling mistakes caused by relevant payee canap transfer of Deutsche Bankgebouw note, and then asked the central canap to verify the information, the latter aware of account theft, and instantly abort the transaction. Almost at the same time, the Federal Reserve Handelsbank of Fresh York to the Central Bankgebouw of Bangladesh will apply for the transfer of suspected waaks. Allegedly, if at the time the application is approved, the theft amount may be spil high spil $1 billion.

Ter addition, te the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi pioneer Canap of Vietnam said te May 15th this year, it had foiled attempts to use false society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication ter the fourth quarter of 2015 (SWIFT) information, hacking stolen bankgebouw $1 million 100 thousand, modus operandi and Bangladesh Canap stolen similar.

A commercial canap te Ecuador BancodelAustro has also bot hacked ter January 2015, stolen $12 million.

Thesis attacks against banks are carried out by invading the banking network, and the SWIFT system vulnerabilities accentuates.

According to the analysis of the current society, the blockchain technology will be able to prevent such attacks. Because unlike SWIFT, not the banking system run ter the block on the chain wasgoed violated te a knot, because the system is running the world connected te this block chain on all computers at the same time.

Deputy Secretary General of the financial chain alliance, Shenzhen block long silver chain Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Shen Tu youth to surging news said that if the use of block chain technology, the safety of the banking system will be greatly improved, at least not the center of the database has bot tampered with, the funds being stolen will not like this is difficult to recover. Because the digital money system based on block chain, each account balance and transaction records are traceable, it will also have fine achievements te tegenstrijdig money laundering.

At present, more positive attitude of the central bankgebouw for China digital currency. Ter February this year, the central handelsbank governor Zhou Xiaochuan te an vraaggesprek that the central bankgebouw began very early investigate of digital currency, “as a generation of currency notes, low technical content, from the point of view of safety and cost, is the fresh technology and fresh products to substitute is represent the general trend. Especially with the development of the Internet, global payments have undergone tremendous switches, the establishment of circulation system of digital currency, finance for infrastructure construction, promote economic quality and efficiency upgrades are necessary.”

Shen Tu youth believes that if the central handelsbank to punt a digital currency ter the blockchain fundament, should very first develop the mature technology verhoging, which ter two or three years will be launched. Another is to solve the problem of the interests of the central bankgebouw and commercial handelsbank.

“The central canap issued a digital currency is undoubtedly not for the leather commercial handelsbank’s life, they will certainly find their position ter the fresh system and the set of responsibilities, issuing process, their respective responsibilities clearly defined until after the real kwestie. The central bankgebouw is based on the digital currency kwestie is expected to block chain trial te a puny range of three to five years, and step by step improve the blockchain technology level, extra business.” Shen Tu youth said.

The use of bitcoin ter Philippines enhanced, promote national economy without metselspecie

The use of bitcoin te Philippines enlargened, promote national economy without metselspecie

The use of mobile payment and bitcoin ter Philippines enhanced, to promote national economy without contant.

Asian countries ter the past few years has shown good economic growth. China and India’s economic development is the emergence of the knelpunt, while Philippines is presently ter a period of rapid development. Along with the economic growth te Philippines, the latest technology te the field of economic growth ter conjunction with. Ter order to keep up with the progress of technology, and ensure that the interests of the people of Philippines are leisurely toward the development of non specie society.

Philippines’s social and economic environment te the development of the road also paid a lotsbestemming. For a large part of the population did not have a handelsbank account and did not love banking services ter the country, which means that the financial services can be developed rapidly. Thesis people do not have access to traditional financial services. They may not even know how to operate a bankgebouw account, but they have a brainy mobile phone, they know how to use them. This has resulted ter the enlargened use of mobile payment spil an unorthodox financial system. The use of mobile payment, people can pay their bills, buy goods ter shops and more service. Recently, the Philippines IRS ter the global telecommunications – Philippines, the 2nd major telecom operators te the country, permitting people to use mobile payment to pay the tax.

The use of mobile payment is not a fresh concept. Safaricom MPESA is a mobile payment service, it appeared te the consumption of Kenya to bring the hefty switch. Mobile payment is a payment way ter Kenya using the most widely. Ter addition to mobile payments, Philippines also recorded the use of bitcoin growth rate. Bitcoin spil a center point of the digital currency ter the world it has established a reliable non rechtzinnig financial services and payment podium.

Recently many Filipinos are exploring the use of bitcoin remittance. Philippines has a giant inflow of remittances market, Philippines immigrant groups will send money to his family. Different from the traditional cross-border funds transfer method, bitcoin transfers the cost of only a petite part of the transaction cost. Te addition, the bitcoin remittance will be far more than the other models quicker.

Based on the bitcoin remittance industry ter Philippines now has a number of companies to provide services for the people. Thesis bitcoin payment verhoging based on acquired the name of “Rebittace”, the name by Remittance (transfer) and Bitcoin (bitcoin) two words together. Bitcoin like mobile payments are used to purchase goods and services, businesses can also be accepted.

With the trend of mobile payment and bitcoin ter Philippines is enlargening, which makes Philippines cashless economy moving forward.

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