Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Metselspecie, Ripple, IOTA, Litecoin, NEM, Cardano: Cryptocurrency Price Analysis And Prediction

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, Litecoin, NEM, Cardano: Cryptocurrency Price Analysis And Prediction

March Five

Bitcoin has bot involved te an upward trend and has already surpassed half the average of last year’s highest figure. According to the current state of the market, Bitcoin has bot improving step by step, and te the coming few months, it might go above the highest level ter last year December.

Te the cryptocurrency market presently, there are numerous beginners who didn’t want to be left out ter the cryptocurrency price bubble. Additionally, others have invested ter large volumes to make a quick buck. This means that price fall might lead to disappointments and discourage purchasing powers.

Spil opposed to Bitcoin and ripple, the other cryptocurrencies have either maintained their price range or involved ter a druppel te prices. However, wij believe that cryptocurrencies will all have upward trends to trigger more and more investments.


Bitcoin has bot involved te a price surge for the last two days. During the previous analysis on March Two, wij made a prediction that Bitcoin would reach the $11,200 levels and after that, it would attain the resistance levels of $12,200.

However, the 100 SMA is now above the longer term 200 SMA showcasing that the upside has the least resistance. To waterput this clear and straightforward, the uptrend is likely to proceed overheen time than the switch sides. According to statistics, however, there are indications that there are surplus buyers and pulling down could affect the investors. With the current price and trend, a druppel below the $11,200 levels could be an indication that a downtrend is underway.

Bitcoin presently trades at the $11,549 level, and this is a remarkable improvement te price according to last week’s statistics. However, spil wij stated ter the previous analysis, the $11,400 and the $12,200 might be the price range for the next few days.

Additionally, wij anticipate a surge te prices to the $12,200 levels which is the resistance zone presently. This price level has initiated buying and enlargening investments, and this might see the price surge to the $Eighteen,000 levels. Therefore, the individuals who are still thinking of investing te the coin can go ahead.


Ethereum has bot experiencing some sort of downtrend te the last few days. Spil compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum has bot involved ter trading at the same range and also ripping off te prices from time to time. Wij had forecast a resistance level of $900 since Ethereum stood at the $873 level. However, it has since doped to the $868 level.

It might not be a good market time for Ethereum presently. However, the long positions inbetween $850 and the $900 level might proceed for some days. This is because $900 is the resistance level presently. However, upon attaining the $900 price level means that the cryptocurrency can resume the normal upward trend to the $1,000 level. Presently, wij don’t recommend any trade on Ethereum.


From the time Bitcoin metselspecie initiated an upward trend ter prices and traded above the $1,250 level, it has maintained the range for some days now. The cryptocurrency wasgoed involved te an upside from the $1,220 low and broke the $1,250 resistance levels. It has also maintained above the $1,260 level.

However, Bitcoin metselspecie is presently experiencing a resistance level of $1,290. On the other end, the support level is at the $1,250 level, and this means that going below the level might trigger losses for the investors. However, wij expect the cryptocurrency to proceed with the uptrend to the $1,300 levels. The pair presently trades at the $1.281 level.


Ter our several price analysis and predictions, wij made forecasts that Ripple would improve to the $1.00 levels. This has bot possible according to today’s surge te price. The cryptocurrency has bot involved te an improvement from the $0.90 levels to the $1.01 levels te a few hours. Therefore, this means that Ripple has already crossed the resistance level and this could trigger investments.

However, our expected price is the $1.2296 level. Therefore, with the current surge, wij believe that the cryptocurrency will build up a similar trend. Additionally, the current price can trigger buying ter the wait for the next improvement te price.


IOTA has bot experiencing a druppel ter price te the last one week. From the previous analysis, it traded at the $1.96 spil compared to today where it trades at the $1.89 level. This means that wij might expect long positions inbetween the $1.80 and the $Two.00 levels.

However, after hitting the lowest level, which is the $1.80 support level, this might trigger buying and see it surge to the $Two.00 levels. Therefore, traders and potential investors should wait for the low which might trigger investments. However, when the cryptocurrency hits the $Two.00 level, it might practice resistance at the $Two.Two level.


Litecoin is considered one of the most significant cryptocurrencies ter the market. Additionally, it is one of the strongest spil it’s not profoundly affected by price drops. Presently, Litecoin trades at the $211 price level, and this is a considerable improvement from Friday’s analysis where it wasgoed trading at $206.

Our expected price te the coming few days is the $240 level. However, this might act spil the resistance zone for some time. Upon attaining the $240 level, the cryptocurrency might additionally rally to the $260 levels.


NEM wasgoed involved ter trading inbetween the $0.37 and $0.44 levels for a long time. However, this cryptocurrency has not bot stable ter its prices. Presently, it has dropped below the range and trades at the $0.344 level. Considering that $0.40 is the resistance level, the current druppel ter prices might see the cryptocurrency druppel further to the $0.30 levels.

On the other forearm, with favorable market conditions, the cryptocurrency might improve to the $0.40 levels ter a few days. Wij hence do not make any recommendations for investment te NEM.


Cardano has bot, for the last one month, not bot able to find any buyers of the cryptocurrency. This has seen it remain ter the same price range for a long time. Wij have bot suggesting that a druppel ter prices to the $0.0000246 levels might trigger buying.

Presently, the cryptocurrency trades at the $0.0000293 level, and this means that it might reach the downtrend line soon. However, once buying is triggered, wij expect Cardano to rise to the $0.00004070 levels te a few days.

Wilfried Paul has bot a cryptocurrency investor for the past Five years with Four years practice ter cryptocurrency research and writing.

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