Five. Check if the WLAN Interface is showcasing.

5. Check if the WLAN Interface is showing.

Litecoin-BAMT is a USB-bootable linux distro designed specifically for mining. It is a fork of the original BAMT project that supports scrypt mining and has bot tested with Litecoin and other scrypt coins like Feathercoin.



Versions Edit

Litecoin BAMT is built with different versions of the AMD Catalyst drivers. It is not advised that you switch driver versions unless you are ready to re-tune your cgminer configurations.

The “Litecoint BAMT Version” refers to the features te the switch loom.

Please note, only officially released Litecoin-BAMT releases are supported by our community, wij are incapable to support the third party hacks created by just anyone off the street. Thanks!

Bugs Edit

Please visit the Bugs pagina to report or get help with a bug you find ter BAMT.

Switch Loom Edit

  • Disabled the automaat restart and motionless a few petite security concerns.
  • Shrunk picture size
  • Added fresh miners!
  • -Vertminer 0.Five.Two “the kev”
  • -Sgminer Four.0.0 “troky” – Scrypt-N Enabled
  • -Sgminer Four.1.0 “sph – DarkCoin/QubitCoin/Quark”
  • -Cgminer Trio.7.Two “kalroth”
  • All miners and configs selectable from the bamt.conf opstopping.
  • No need to set scrypt type flags inwards the bamt.conf verkeersopstopping.
  • Secondary USB drives now wagen climb on.
  • AMD catalyst software Veraf.14.1
  • AMD-APP-SDK-v2.9
  • ADL_SDK_6.0
  • Intel s e1000e network driver
  • drivers for the latest radeon series cards
  • the latest sgminer (Four.0.0)
  • support for 6 cards
  • modified scripts which support litecoin mining/monitoring

Setup Edit

Using win32 Disk Imager or dd, write the Litecoin-BAMT photo you downloaded to a USB stick (2gb or larger).

Insert the USB stick into your mining equipment and power it on. To run without a monitor, shut down very first then embark the machine with the monitor unplugged. Get the IP of your BAMT machine from your routers client list or from the BAMT desktop and connect to it using “Remote Desktop Connection” (or ssh) with the username ‘user’ and password ‘live’.

Once connected to the BAMT desktop, open cgminer.conf (located te /etc/bamt) to edit the cgminer config:

To mine on the BAMT p2pool knot, switch the “user” to your LTC payment address:

The BAMT p2pool knot (http://pool.sgminer.televisiekanaal:9327) features a low toverfee of 1% (lower than most rivaling pools), and income from this pool is invested te BAMT development!

Save your fresh config, and run “Restart mining sessions” to use the fresh settings:

What is a cgminer config? [1]

For getting the best hash rate, tweak your config: [Two]

For some help with generating a config, attempt cgEasy

I’ve included my 620khash 7950 config te cgminer-7950oc.config. Make sure to edit the config the pool entries with your own!

By hand updating CGMiner Edit

download/clone fresh cgminer code to /opt/miners/cgminer:

For CGMiner Three.7.Two, the .zip is available here and the .tar.gz is available here. Samenvatting its contents to /opt/miners/cgminer.

for sgminer only:

for sgminer only:

Wireless LAN Setup Edit

Most Atheros chipsets are supported by default. If your Wireless LAN is not working out of the opbergruimte, you may need to install drivers for it (and the associated firmware, spil Debian does not include firmware for licensing reasons.)

If Linux drivers are not available for your chipset, you can attempt using ndiswrapper which is a container that permits you to use Windows drivers within Linux.

Resources: Aircrack-ng Compatibility Information: [Three]

Debian Wi-fi Wiki: [Four]

USB Linux Wireless: [Five]

How To Compile Your Own Wireless Driver: (filenames and paths vary upon driver)

1. get linux source code from github

Two. get firmware from github

Trio. Compile the kernel module (varies upon driver, read the README or INSTALL opstopping usually ter the archive!)

Four. Install the kernel modules (varies upon driver, read the README or INSTALL verkeersopstopping usually te the archive!)

Five. Check if the WLAN Interface is displaying.

By hand updating Catalyst Drivers Edit

1. uninstall old drivers:

Two. Download here,

Three. unpack,switch to driver to be executable and zekering xserver:

Four. Install drivers

Five. Sync your usb drive

Connect to BAMT RDP from a Linux opbergruimte Edit

You need rdesktop to connect to your BAMT equipments xrdp server,

  • Install rdesktop on your rekentuig
  • Connect with rdesktop from terminal to your equipments IP with user name: user and password: live

(Type rdesktop ter terminal to see more options)

Task Scheduling ter BAMT (Auto-Reboot your Equipment!) Edit

add this to the verkeersopstopping you open with sudo crontab -e:

that will run the specified directive at 1 minteken past 01.00 on sunday and wednesday

VertCoin Mining with BAMT Edit

See the article on reddit:

Donate Edit

IRC Edit

#litecoin-bamt on freenode

Equipments and Configs Edit

See the Rigs_and_Configs pagina for examples of our community BAMT miners and the settings!

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